The Candes room heater is a that can effectively heat any given surrounding at temperatures. This product greatly helps to keep you warm during winters. Economically designed, the Candes room heater consumes 230 volts.Candes RH400 Quartz Room Heater is finished with a powder coating, which prevents it from corroding. Also, the heater can be positioned in two different ways, depending on your comfort and requirement.
Design : This room heater has a high-quality plastic body and Quartz.
Room Size: Upto 120 sq ft, Powder coated finish to prevent corrosion


  • Ideal for a small room only, i.e., up to 120 sq. ft
  • Work Instantly Silent
  • Gentle & Healthy Cost-Effective
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Stylish Design

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